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Kasargod Saree

'Kasaragod saree" a well known handloom product of kasaragod, registered and recognized with Geographical indication tag(GI Tag)under the geographical indication Act- 1999. it has become an intellectual property of india.
The 'kasaragod sarees" are made of high quality yarn employing traditional methods. It is known for the exquisite design, quality, colour pattern and borders. it is made of high quality finer count of cotton yarn in original cotton colour as well as fancy dyed yarn for both wrap and weft.
uniqueness of the product is that it is free from shrinkage and fading because of the unique method employed in making the product. The traditional technique used in sizing the wrap on the loom is the speciality of its making .this type of making is used only in" kasaragod sarees"

1,950.00 INR

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