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The Year Ahead (For the one who are celeberating birthday today)

Modus of Operandi (Deployed for Predictions)


This is an attempt to look ahead in to the next one year for those who are born on this day. The predictions are mainly based on Numerology while smatterings of Vedic astrology also is included for prediction purpose. Readers may please note that Vedic system of Numerology has been taken in to consideration instead of Western thus the numbers may represent planets differently.


The Year Number


The number which may represent the year ahead for those who are born today is 8. The number 8 is arrived at from the life path number of today’s date. That is; today being the 14th Feb of 2017 the single number derived out by totaling the date is 1+4+0+2+2+0+1+7 = 17 = 1+7 = 8. Since 8 becomes the total number of this date the ruling number for the coming one year time for the ones born on this date will be 8. Your year number being 8, the year ahead is been ruled by Rahu for you.


Projection for the year ahead


The year lord Rahu is in the 12th from transit Moon while there is Moon-Jupiter conjunction in the 2nd therefrom. Sun the sign lord of Rahu is posited in the 7th therefrom and also having aspect over Rahu while no other planets are influencing Rahu.


The above indicates the year ahead is going to be a mixed one for all those who are born on this date. There will be a good flow of money. The income will be chequered on occassions but that won’t affect your finances much as there will arise inflow of money from other sources. Anyway the uncontrollable expenses will keep you worried across the year. The professional life will be subject to many hurdles but you will be lucky enough to overcome all that and keep the show go on uninterruptedly. Anyway being a bit cautious in your professional matters especially holding your nerves whenever you have the temptation to jump from the current job is advised.


Personal and family life will be running smooth. Those who are singles may find their soulmate while the married ones needs to be a bit cautious not to fall in to extra marital affairs. Tensions regarding health may prevail as you might come under attack of bone stiffness and pains just below the shoulder region which may prolong. The year will help you getting rid of a long standing property dispute in which will you will be coming out victorious. Overall the year ahead is a mixed one with more positive outcomes.



Good Luck

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