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How is September 2016 for you?

Aries (Mesha)

(Ashwini, Bharani & Kritika 1st quarter)

A month filled with agonies. Many things will go wrong at the work place. A dispute arising with one of your colleague will keep you agitated throughout the month probably due to the disappearance of an important document which was under your tutelage. Also the possibilities for a rift with one of your superior is in store which could break out as a result of the sudden change in role assigned to you. Financially the stress from the recent past will be stretched out to this month also. Personal relationships may go awry. Married ones will be suffering much as the strings of the family too is inducing loathing tunes. Children might become a cause for worry either due to their health or due their disorderly conduct. Health will expose you to edginess due to  indigestion and prolonging pain in your bone joints.

Taurus (Vrishabha)

(Kritika Last 3 quarters, Rohini & Mrighasira first 2 quarters)

Salvation are on its way and the awareness about the same will be bringing a sigh of relief for you. The sub-current evolving in the professional sphere is turning in to your favour gradually paving way to diminish the apprehensions you had since last six months or so. The reinstatement of your previous role with added freedom and power will comfort you from the stress you were subject to since an year or so. A superior or a colleague who was getting under your skin all the while will either get transferred or may ultimately leave the organization. Family life will be sailing through many ups and downs especially with your spouse but you will be able to have control over the ship. Money flow will be good thus you will rejoice life much in the month ahead.  Health wise the month will stay moderate.


Gemini (Mithuna)

(Mrighasira last 2 quarters, Aridra & Punarvasu first 3 quarters)


For Gemini born this would be a month with so-so trends. You will start having an unknown fear about the future of your profession. You will have either a transfer in your work place. The change will take shape either in the form of a change in place or a change in the role of your work. The relationship with the co-workers will become sour as the month advances. A tendency to look for a job change is in store but it is not advisable astrologically. The financial position will be deteriorating day by day as unexpected expenses will keep thinning your finances. Those who are planning to buy lands or properties or who is planning to initiate construction of a new house or building should postpone it for a few months. Personal life and family life will be staying moderate but may development of a new friendship can be expected. Health wise it is not a good month as minor accidents and injuries are foreseen though nothing major would befall.



Cancer (Kataka)

(Punarvasu last quarter, Pushyami & Aslesha)


Cancer borns should be holding their nerves now. There was a positive trend especially in your finances and profession prevailing since last one year or so which will prompt you to move ahead with a couple of plans you have towards your future. This month onward slowly the equilibrium will be fading and it will reach its peak in the coming months. Considering this it is advisable that you keep your plans for the future aside for a while and be with the current flow. Do not initiate anything now nor try to expand your current activities. Financial flow will start getting obstructed a bit but still you will be much under control of your finances and will keep managing the show. Personal life along with family life will be running smoothly. Health wise the month ahead is a bit adverse as you might minor injuries and also you will be prone to fire burns.



Leo (Simha)

(Magha, Poorva Phalguni & Utra Phalguni first quarter)


An excellent month ahead for all born under the sign Leo. The transit of Jupiter is paving way for many good things for you in this month and also in the months to follow. Professionally there will be a positive turn. Your wish to have a change in your profession since long will be getting materialized in this month. The new job will be a good one for you in every aspect as it will provide you an elevated position and also a good hike in your income. Those who are anticipating ancestral properties or assets will be able to secure it in this month. The money flow will be good. You should be very careful about handling money as the heavy flow of money may tend you to be profligate. Your family life will be going through many vicissitudes. Though no serious issues are taking place, things are getting worse in the background and you could sense it well too.



Virgo (Kanya)

(Utra Phalguni last quarter, Hastha & Chitra first 2 quarters)


There wil be much relief in this month from the issue you are subject to since last few months. Though there won’t be much change in the scenario professionally there will be a ceasefire. The superior who was causing much struggles for you will change their attitude towards you. One of your colleague who was backstabbing you whenever possible will be moving away from the scene providing you much relief. Your financial situation is bad since last 8-10 months which will be carry forward in this month too. You will meet one of your old friend who will be willing to extend his/her help to you in both professionally and financially though the help might reach you on a later stage. You relationship with your spouse and family will be cordial. Health wise this will be normal month though the possibilities of sudden issues developing in the stomach region cannot be ruled out.



Libra (Thula)

(Chitra last 2 quarters, Swathi & Vishakha first 3 quarters)


The movements of Jupiter in to the 12th house in transit is going to be much adverse for you. Long standing issues may slowly initiating in this month. There will be some allegations arising against you. The mistakes found in the money transactions within your organization will be falling on to your head which in fact would have nothing to do with you. Also some misunderstandings with superiors and colleagues will add fuel to the situation. Your inability to prove your innocence will make you much irritated. In personal life also things will be taking shape in similar lines. Your spouse will have misunderstandings about your relationship with someone from the opposite sex which may bring much turmoil in the family life. Financially the bad run will be continued while health will be staying stable.



Scorpio (Vrischika)

(Vishakha last quarter, Anuradha & Jyeshta)


The ones who are born under the sign Scorpio is under going Sade-sathi. That too Saturn was retrograde over natal Moon. This would have caused many hurdles in your personal as well as professional life since last 6 months. Many adverse situations kept forming one after another in this period which was keeping you pensive throughout. You must felt the need of a break from the stretch since last couple of months. Anyway since Saturn is out of his retrogression and Jupiter too is in your favour you will have a sudden relief from almost all the issues you were facing since long.  Professionally the agitation about your promotion will be ending now as the much awaited promotion will be declared at this month. Financial problems will be continued but with the increased income and also the indications of some funds coming in your way in near future will enable you to face it with more confidence. Personal life will be getting steadied up while health will be so-so with a kind of weakness and drowsiness.



Sagittarius (Dhanu)

(Moola, Poorva Shaada & Utra Shaada 1st quarter)


For Sagittarius born this will be a period of transmutation. Your professional life will be witnessing many changes in this month which you would have least anticipated. You will be either asked to accept a changed role which may equivalent to stepping down a position from the current one or there will be unachievable responsibilities imposed upon you. You will slowly understand that the entire change in atmosphere is aimed at downplaying you. Its time for you to have a revision on your future plans regarding profession and slowly start working towards it. Financially the ups and downs are going to pursue. You need to be careful as there will be helping hands for you wherever you look up to but considering the adverse trends foreseen in the months to come it is advisable that you limit increasing your liabilities. Family and personal life will be moderate while health will be staying stable.

Capricorn (Makara)

(Utra Shaada last 3 quarters, Sravana & Dhanishta first 2 quarters)


If you were wishing to go abroad and did a lot for the same only to see everything going in vain in the past, this would be the right period to work towards the same. Professionally it will be a good period. A promotion though not of much significance is on your way. You will start feeling much confident and also your performances will be touching precision throughout the month. The financial situation will improve much as the money flow will be good. Those who are in to real estate may keep their activities low in this month as the possibility to incur loses are high. Business people can try to establish their business in abroad as this would be period in which they will succeed. Personal life will be having much harmony. Healthwise you need to be careful as the initiation of chronic health issues like diabetics or high blood pressure are high in this month.



Aquarius (Kumbha)

(Dhanishta last 2 quarters, Satabhisha & Poorva Bhadra first 3 quarters)


All the Aquarius born must be paying much attention towards their family life now. The transit of Rahu in the 7th house along with the aspect of Saturn and also Jupiter moved in to the 8thhouse are all adverse for the personal life. There will be disputes and even verbal exchanges between you and your spouse. You may feel very frustrated and low due to the events taking place in your marital life. Your spouse may come to the verge of separating from you. If you do not handle the situation with care things may really take an ugly turn. Professionally too things are not going to be much supportive. There will be some errors taking place from your end in your work which may not be taken seriously by others but it will haunt you much. Financially and health wise the situation will stay moderate.



Pisces (Meena)

(Poorva Bhadra Last quarter, Utra Bhadra & Revathi)


Pisces born are admirers of peace and happiness in the personal life and if there is a slight contretemps in the equilibrium you will lose all your balance in life. Last couple of years was really adverse for you as there was many issues in your personal life. You would had indifference with almost all your close ones. This month would pave way for refabrication all your personal relationships which was much sour. That wil help you to change your attitude towards life which will reflect in every other sector of life.  There will be a new opening coming up in your profession which will be ending your agony as the new job will be satisfying for you in every respect. There will be much inflow of money. Health wise this will be a moderate situation but you need to be careful about excess of heat building inside your body.


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