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Weekly Predictions (22nd To 28th Feb 2016) Based on Moon signs

Aries (Mesha)

(Aswini, Bharani, Krithika 1st pada)


It’s a tough time around at the work place. Strained relations and delayed promotions at work may keep you bothered and will feel like bringing a change in your profession. There may be tendencies to try for abroad chances. The happy situation in the family and the support will help you to overcome the worries from the profession to some extent. Your planning to move abroad may show some positive results but will get prolonged. Aditya informs you that the suspicions you are having at the developments are you are making you more worried.



Taurus (Vrishabha)

(Krithika 2nd, 3rd and 4th pada, Rohini and Mrighasira 1st and 2nd pada)


Some of your colleagues at work place will create some nuisance for you this week which may keep you bothered for the few weeks to come. Make sure that you be honest and stand up to the truth even though people around you may keep suspecting you. Avoid misunderstanding with your boss at any cost. Your pensive mood may cause you lose you temper all the now and then this week which will only add fuel to the situation.



Gemini (Mithuna)

(Mrighasira 3rd and 4th pada, Aridra and Punarvasu 1st, 2nd and 3rd pada)


There will be a new relation forming in your life keeping you much surprised and happy. Those who are looking for marriage alliances will find a suitable match this week. Singles will find the right match while married ones getting in to illegitimate relations cannot be over ruled. Personal and family matters will be good this week while matters related to your profession, finances and health may not be easy to handle.



Cancer (Karka)

(Punarvasu 4th pada, Pushyami and Aslesha)


The indescribable issues in your life which is slowly mounting up since some weeks now will be at its peak now. You will wonder why you are losing your confidence nowadays. Something is really bothering you back in your mind and the interesting fact about it is you are not able to pinpoint it properly. You may take up some verbal exchange with some family members and have weak performance at work. Finances and health may stay moderate.



Leo (Simha)

(Makha, Poorva and Uthra 1st pada)


The flow of money in this week will be good. You will enjoy the freedom at work and will be happy especially because of the positive trends turning up in your work place. A close relative from the paternal side may show some enmity. Health may suffer due to excess of heat created in your body. Family life will be good. Overall this is going to be good week.



Virgo (Kanya)

(Uthra 2nd, 3rd and 4th pada, Hastha and Chithra 1st and 2nd pada)


There will many issues occurring in your personal and family life this week. You will face issues from new born enemies especially in the professional circle. You will get more frustrate because of the issues taking place in the family. Somebody from your family may fall ill. Your relation with the spouse may be getting sour this week. Finance too will be in a bad shape. This week you may need to control your mind well otherwise you will really be in trouble.



Libra (Thula)

(Chitra 3rd and 4th pada, Swathi and Vishakha 1st, 2nd and 3rd pada)


The unexpected gains and then the unexpected loses followed will be face of this week. You will be simply passing this week as an observer over the things happening around you without any control over it. The issues at profession will come to a halt. Plans to under take a journey will be meeting with obstacles. Personal and Family life will be moderate and health too. If you could plan your finances then the unexpected flow of income by the beginning of the week will help you to save some.



Scorpio (Vrschika)

(Vishakha 4th pada, Anuradha and Jyeshta)


Finances are going to be out of your control this week which may bother you much throughout. Be very careful about your relations. There are chances of having some misunderstanding with some your close one. Professionally also this is not going to be a great week. You should be having a detached mind from all the materialistic things of the world to survive this week without much emotional hassle. Health, finance, profession and family all will be source for agony this week though things won’t be in a severe shape.



Sagittarius (Dhanuss)

(Moola, Poorva Shada and Uthra Shada 1st pada)


There will be relief for you from those intense issues you were facing since some times now. You may wonder about the positive changes occurring in the attitude of those who were causing tensions to you in the professional front. The financial situation will stay as it is. But there will hopes arising to solve the situation in future. You may have some disturbance in the family. Health may stay good.



Capricorn (Makara)

(Uthra Shada 2nd, 3rd and 4th pada, Sravana and Dhanishta 1st and 2nd pada)


Strain and stress in all the sectors of life will visible this week. Those who are in to business will be forced to undertake a journey but will have no positive results from it. Most of your future planning regarding the profession will have a standstill situation now. Family life too will add fuel to the frustrations. Finance will go through a bad patch and health may stay good.



Aquarius (Kumbha)

(Dhanishta 3rd and 4th pada, Sathabhisha and Poorva Bhadra 1st, 2nd and 3rd pada)


Keep an eye on your relations as you are prone to have conflicts with your close ones this week. The pressure in the job may keep you go through stress period where you will lose all your regulations in food and sleep. You will feel much frustrated because of your problems continuing at the job front. The finance will keep you worried throughout the week. The health may give you some tensions but things will be well under control. The tensions occurring in the family since some time now will keep happening and your attempts will meet only with failure.



Pisces (Meena)

(Poorva Bhadra 4th pada, Uthra Bhadra and Revathi)


Lovers and couple will have a tough time around. The relations may go sour and though the situation may not get serious it will keep prolonged for some time. Some of your plans related profession and under taking a journey will have a halt. Health will not get affected but neither will you have the joy from the same. Finances are good at this week. But the atmosphere in the family may not be cool because of some external factors.


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